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Более 20 лет работы, более 5000 выигранных судебных дел, более 10000 довольных клиентов


Правовая помощь бизнесу

Услуги лучших московских юристов и адвокатов для Вашего бизнеса. Достают органы власти или конкуренты? Нужна помощь в суде или переговорах? 


Юридическая защита граждан 

Наш юридический центр более 20 лет оказывает правовую помощь своим клиентам. Не важно в какой области права у вас вопрос и в какой стране мира Вы находитесь - мы Вам поможем!


What will give you opening a business in Russia? Business taxes in Russia are among the lowest in the world to such conclusions came the audit company KPMG. 

Took into account various factors, including taxes on income and property, and payments to social funds. To study the situation was analyzed for 19 types of businesses in each of the 14 cities in the world. 

The tax burden on companies operating in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation on average 28 percent lower than in the USA and the UK. Auditory note that in most developed countries the tax burden is higher than in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), with the exception of Brazil. 

Businessmen from all over the world are registering their businesses in Russia

The establishment of the company, branch, representative office or buying existing businesses in Russia will give You the opportunity to: 

- expand Your field of activities and increase the number of sales of Your products to increase growth of annual turnover and profits for Your company; 

- attract new partners in business;

- to enter the market of Russia, to promote their products or services in the territory of Russia; 

- to organize the supply of its products to Russia; 

- to open an account in a Russian Bank; 

- ability to obtain investments in Russia; 

- doing business, opening of branches throughout the Russian Federation. 

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